Monday, March 30, 2009

update from the dr.

I just got back from my weekly dr visit. I am 1cm dilated! This still means that Cade could come any minute. The dr won't let me go 2 weeks past my due date, he said there's really no reason to, the baby would just keep getting bigger and bigger. Since I have no desire to set records for delivering a ginormous child, I'm cool with that philosophy.

So dr said the next step is for Nick and I to pick a date to induce. He then just kind of looked at me and said "So, what do you think?" I said, "Sounds good". (happy oblivious pregnant lady) Dr said, "So, what date do you want?" Ohhhhhhhhh, you mean I get to pick my son's potential birthdate right NOW? Hmmm.... So after leaving the office and talking to Nick we decided to give Cade another week past his due date, we tried for April 8th. (8 is secretely one of my lucky/favorite numbers, also my numerology number) Apparently picking your child's birthday isn't as easy as it appears, you pretty much get stuck with what's open. So unless I want to have a 5:00am appointment on the 8th, we'll be inducing on April 7th.

At this point as long he's healthy and ready to come, then we're ready for him. There's so much I can't wait for, to see Nick looking at Cade for the first time, to see Cade in my dad's arms, to walk in the house holding my baby. It really makes that fear of delivery go away. I'm still feeling pretty Zen most of the time. Yoga breathing and Cade's sonogram picture help any anxiety.

Life is a surprise, I'll just wait to see what God has in store for us!
Thank you so much for your prayers and good thoughts! -hilary

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