Sunday, March 22, 2009

10 days!

I can't believe it's almost my due date, April 1st! Every little change in my mood or twinge in my body sets me off a rollercoaster or worry or excitement. It's like I'm reliving the days when we were trying to get pregnant, that "Am I?" feeling all over again, only this time it's more "Is he coming?" [pause for Braxton Hicks contraction]

The nursery is ready to go! I just need to go buy a baby swing and a little tummy-time gym mat, the 2 toys that Cade needs because he'll be able to play with them right away. Also on the checklist is to clean bottles and clear out a cabinet in the kitchen for baby gear. I was a good girl and had a wild Saturday night of washing baby clothes and blankets and booties in Dreft. I think that's the last time laundry will ever be so fun and cute. Every little baby sock I folded I had to comment on in obnoxious baby voice "Aw, it's just a widdle sockie for da babyyyyy!!" while listening to the lullaby cd and trying to memorize lyrics to Hush Little Baby. (yep, still not sure what comes after the diamond ring part)

I'm feeling really happy and excited, just praying that Cade is healthy and makes it 10 more days to fully grow and develop before he comes. I was a 10 month baby (pretty normal for my family's side I guess) so I hope Cade hangs out a little longer. I need a few more days to check things off my baby and work to-do lists... thanks for your prayers and good thoughts!


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  1. I wish you and your family and Cade all the best! Can't wait to see pics of the little guy!



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