Tuesday, March 24, 2009

fire drill

It's 1:45pm, I'm at my desk finishing up my planning period (obsessing over how anyone can possibly do my job the fabulous way I can--- the superiority complex I'll deal with later) and nightmare of nightmares, the fire alarm goes off.

First thought: wtf? I didn't know we were having a drill today. Oh crap, what if it's real?! What if I go into labor in a field behind the school? What if the building is on fire, how fast can I waddle out of here?
Second thought: Grab cell phone. Grab the "runner" from my teammate as today is the first day she is working with him.

Student and I hold hands and begin our way to the exit. I grab walkie talkie. Now juggling walkie talkie, cell phone, Student, and Cade as I speed waddle out the door. Teammate is rounding up the rest of team and nonverbal students with Autism. Oh, minor detail: It's the Monday after Spring Break, the kids are quasi-crazy.

We make it down the hall and out the door. Here's a fun rule, during fire drills the safety peeps at Admin came up with the clever rule that we need to practice taking the students 200 feet away from the building. This means we are headed into the field behind the school.

Student is hopping, jumping, flapping, laughing as I casually hold onto the back of his shirt. He didn't want to hold my hand because we've trained him so well to independently walk with his hands behind his back like a big boy. I realize I don't want to chance him running and tell him "Hold my hand".

Big Mistake! Turns out he was onto my game and took off down the hill towards the alley and nearby houses. I waddle run, knees closed to prevent giving birth, holding onto Cade for dear life. It occurs to me as I near the end of the hill to yell "I can't run! Somebody grab that kid!"

So glad my teammates' supervisor was visiting and was the closest adult to grab him. Niiiice. My other teammate kicks off her platforms and runs for Student. My teammate and about 4 other teachers yell "Hilary, don't run!!"

Luckily I didn't give birth. Luckily my water didn't break. Amazingly at my dr appt that afternoon I learn that I'm not even dilated. I guess Cade is holding on to be my April Fool. He is the ultimate teammate in my life these past 9 months. Yesterday proves we can survive anything! I've never been more relieved to hear his heartbeat. Next pregnancy, I am buying the home heartbeat monitor kit. $39 for piece of mind is a small price to pay.

Keep the prayers coming! The next few weeks should be the most interesting of Nick and I's lives.

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