Wednesday, February 25, 2009


I've got nothing big to rant/gush about. So, here is a glimpse to what happens in the mind of pregnant girl with crazy horomones, and just plain crazy to begin with.

1. I saw a calendar today. I calculated my last day of work before maternity leave. After this week I only have to work 3 weeks. Basically, after Spring Break I have one last week, then baby! I got really excited and then sad about missing my students. Man, I love those kids. Gotta try to have my own though. Gotta leave my babies and have my baby. I can't imagine it.

2. My body is ridiculous. My stomach looks like there's a basketball in there. If I were brave I would post a bikini pic (or just plain put on a bikini) just so you could see how insane I look. It's just so round. I don't get it. Every now and then a little foot or elbow pushes out my belly button to its maximum. Talk about crazy, but I'm fascinated with it. What's up with Mother Nature? The miracle of life truly is a miracle that a new life starts inside an existing one. I just can't figure out if I'm more amazed or amused by this whole process.

3. I want to just hold my stomach like a baby when I sit down. I know my stomach is my baby, but bear with me on this one. I feel like he's curled up on my lap and I feel compelled to pick up my stomach and cradle him. I did this for like 10 seconds in the staff meeting today before I realized I should probably stop because I almost started rocking my belly baby and singing to it. (try being pregnant, you will prob feel the same stupid urges)

4. Men should have to write thank you notes for baby gifts too. Grrr.

5. I'm not cool with swollen fingers. Not being able to wear my wedding rings on my proper finger...Lets just say I've learned the hard way not to put the diamonds on your pinky finger, then pull weeds in the background and throw them over the fence. Turns out your engagement ring will fly off the pinky and you'll find yourself, pregnant, on all fours, crawling around the alley examining leaves and weeds one by one looking for your ring. What a moron...

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