Friday, February 13, 2009

the sisterhood

I realized this week, although the clues have been in my face the bigger my belly gets, that I'm about to be inducted into the largest sorority on the planet. The sisterhood of mothers. I figured people were just nicer/more friendly to me because they felt sorry for the little pregnant lady. (Side note: I have felt EXTREMELY guilty for not being so nice, in fact, for being grossed out by pregnant people in the past) This week I realize that most of the people who've been so helpful and supportive are Sisters, who've officially pushed their way or C-sected their way into the largest sorority in the world.

They're trying so hard to teach me all of the things I need to know. I used to be put off by people's pregnancy and labor stories. Figured all that was "bathroom talk" and had no business in public. But what's struck me as appealing is the fact that these Sisters have NO filter on the type of advice/stories they suddenly feel compelled to share with me. As someone who constantly grosses out friends with my lack of filter, I find I fit right in. Breast leakage, sure! Tell me more. Oh, and the random items I've been told to stock up on. I don't know if I'm having a baby or planning on stocking up for a run through minefields.

Anyways, thanks to the Sisters out there for your stories and tips.

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