Friday, February 20, 2009


Our last dance at our wedding was Elton John's "Blessed". We chose it as a wish for ourselves and our future. I can't believe how lucky and loved we are. Today we had another baby shower at Nick's office. Everyone was so fun, generous, and supportive. It's amazing how loved you feel at a baby shower. This little person is coming into the world, nobody has met him, but he's so loved. Although I hadn't met some of the people there, I teared up when Nick was thanking his coworkers. I felt so much pride that he's made such an impact on the people he's worked with the last seven years. Apparently I picked a good one when I married this man!

It really makes me think of Pay it Forward and how I can go out and help someone else because so many people have been helping us out. I don't forget the kindness of others or take it for granted for one second, I just know that my turn will come when I can pay back the universe for this kindness.

In the meantime I am going into nest-mode this weekend. I'm going to surrender to the mighty call of Dreft and wash some baby sheets and towels and clothes... I'm going to try to pack a hospital bag, just in case... I'm going to get ready for this little man the world is so eager to meet! The next month is going to be a whirlwind, and I want to enjoy every minute. Enough of the gushing... night kids.

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