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Show Us Your Life - My friend Amy

This post is linked up to  Kelly's Korner for her "Show Us Your Life " special Friday edition featuring single friends.  In the previous Singles Edition there were 375 bloggers who posted about a single friend or friends, and 9 marriages so far from this link up!  I love the idea of matchmaking, so if you have come across this blog and think Amy would be perfect for a friend, please share her email address or link, or leave their email address in the comments. It's good karma, right?!

Introducing.... my good friend Amy.
Amy and I met in high school working as hostesses at Island's.  In our Hawaiian shirts, singing to Salt N Peppa, busing and wiping down tables, and crushing on the waiters that's how we bonded.  Amy has always had the best laugh, quick sense of humor, and just always been an all around cool girl.  She left for college a year before me and soon we found ourselves in Aggieland.  But what happens in college stays in college, right?
After college we bonded over both having babies with helmets and our blogs.  We bonded over both being mommies who "keep it real".  We roll our eyes at the mommas who wear high heels to Klyde Warren Park, we laugh at our mommy fails, and we are brutally honest with each other about the reality of raising kids (the good, the bad, and the ugly).  The gorgeous little girl pictured with her is Audrey, a brilliant & beautiful soul in a 5 year old's body. 
Lets get down to it. Who is Amy?
The classified ad: 33/F/North Dallas/Christian
The High Fidelity Top 5:
1. Favorite restaurants: Gloria's & Chuy's
2.  Favorite music: Texas country (Pat Green, Robert Earl Keene, Roger Creager)
3. Favorite movie:  The Fugitive
4.  Favorite football team: Texas Aggies
5. Favorite hobbies: Working out, Reading, Yoga, Watching football

The Interview:
What are your favorite simple, random things?a beautiful sunrise, an unprompted hug from my daughter, a good cup of coffee, sharing a laugh with a friend, and catching a green light :)

What's important to you in a relationship?
LAUGHTER. I love being around others who share my sense of humor and love to laugh. I laugh easily and love others who also look for the humor in things. I also value honesty, a strong work ethic, and the ability to be grateful for what you have. Authenticity is also important to me and I look for others who value the relationships that they have in their lives. My faith in God is paramount in my life and I am looking to share my life with someone who has that same belief.

What kind of new things would you like to do or learn?
I love learning new ways to be active. I recently took up yoga and long distance running (not quite long distance yet, but getting there!). I love working out and finding new ways to challenge myself. I also love learning new recipes to cook.

What do you think about...
Drinking: I drink socially or sometimes at home after a long day… usually at least once a week. I have a good time, but keep it under control now that I’m older.

Smoking: Yuck. Smoking of any kind and snuff/dip is a deal-breaker for me.

Dancing: I like to dance, but I’m not great at it, and I know that!! But that doesn't stop me from dancing around the house with my daughter. I love to two step and dance to good music.

Hunting: I’ve never been hunting, but I’m not opposed to it….just opposed to the hanging it in the house!

Working out: I try to work out as much as possible. It may be hard to get there, but I feel great afterwards. I’m currently training for a 5K.

Spending time outdoors: If it’s nice out I want to be outside. Whether it’s running, walking, eating, drinking, seeing a concert, floating the river, on a boat, whatever!

Education and Career: I received a Bachelor of Science degree in Elementary Education from Texas A&M. I currently teach 1st Grade and truly love my job. I look forward to going to work and teaching my precious kiddos every day.

How important is religion to you?
Very important. I have a very strong faith and go to church regularly. I was raised a Catholic, but am now a member of a Methodist church.

If you're interested in getting to know Amy or setting her up with a great guy in your life, please leave a comment with your email address or get it touch with her at her blog:

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