Friday, January 3, 2014

The Christmas Series, part 3

For my mom's birthday my brother and I planned a day of fun family activities. In the morning we drove out to Grapevine to see the Ice! exhibit at the Gaylord.  We ended up having a blast checking out how every nook and cranny was decorated. It was truly a wonderland.

The nativity scene at the end was breathtaking.
However, Cade has this thing. He thinks that baby Jesus was special because he was made of gold. Like his skin was gold.  Despite my best intentions to teach him that actually the three wise men brought gifts to the baby of gold, francinsense and muhr... He didn't quite get it.
He told me that when he was in my tummy he was deciding if he wanted to be gold or silver. Because every baby is special and we all have birthdays, just like Jesus.  I wasn't sure if it was my place to tell him, no sweetie, you're not as special as Jesus- wise men brough him GIFTS. No, that's not what you tell your child to explain the difference between the whole entire world being joyful and celebrating Jesus' birth and the entire world being joyful when he (my son) was born. Maybe next year, he'll get it?

The best part of the day was spending time with my family.
Seeing the kids continue their infatuation with my brother.
Is Uncle coming? Where did Uncle go?  Uncle, come with me!
God bless my brother. Young fun bachelor from California sucked into preschool world.

The kids loved every single bit of it!
The best part was the ice slide.

I was so excited to ride down with baby girl, but they workers told us we had to go alone. I momentarily panicked-- my baby alone?! What?! Thank God my mom was in line behind us so she helped Devyn. The child who was terrified to sit on Santa's lap had zero fear on the ice slide.
She took forever scootching her way down the slide, looking completely adorably joyful the entire time.  Sweet Dev, I hope you remember this Christmas magic forever!

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