Wednesday, January 1, 2014

The Christmas Series, part 2


Facts about decorating gingerbread houses with kids:
1. Don't expect a beauty.
2. Do expect a giant Rudolph turd.
3. Do expect the kids to eat most of the decorations before they make it on the house.
4. Don't expect their attention span to last long enough to finish.
5. Do expect to be the one saddled with the task of finishing off the house and having to turn their utter garbage hard work into a whimsical Christmas masterpiece.

So, this one.
When we first got started I put one house in front of each family to decorate.
Devs took one look at it, lifted the whole house on it's cardboard tray up and took a big ol' bite out of the roof.  I couldn't even speak. Seriously. Who does that?! 
God, I love her.
Freaking amazing.

The other fun part of our party was when hubs came home with a party  box of party tacos from Le Taco Bell.   Cade and Dev were so excited.  The other kids were like "Uhh....tacos?"
Cade convinced them tacos are indeed delicious. And in that moment, my son decided tacos were his new favorite thing in the world.  Days later, when driving around town he spotted a Taco Bell and begged me to stop. I promised I would take him on a very special Taco Bell date over the holiday break. Don't be jealous. I know we are uber-posh with our greasy taco bell love. Not sure how this fits into Mommy's plans to go Paleo....but we'll figure it out. For my little love.
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