Tuesday, January 7, 2014

Crazy Beautiful

Today....wow. Super busy working mama day, then leaving work right away to pick up the kids and take them to the doctor to get Devyn's cough checked out. I knew our 4:00 appt followed by 5:00 Target run for meds & juice & training panties would make our otherwise normal night über busy. 

When the dr came in I expected the tears to start, but Dev just laid back on the table like "Legs get his over with". She seriously was beyond just cooperative, she was charming. This wild child was all smiles and giggles and she kept looking at me and squinching up her nose & giving me high fives. Our pediatrician said this was the most awesome two year old check up ever. I almost felt bad telling herI  was equally surprised she didn't  bring the drama. Turns out baby girl has a mild case of bronchitis. So off to Target for meds. 

The kids got Icees so we could tolerate a wait at the pharmacy and shopping for essentials.  We were in the lingerie department and I was doing my mama-zone-out-high-on-Targét thang. All of the sudden I hear my four year old son say," Mommy I like all those boobies!" Uh-whaaaa?   He pointed at all the bras. Oh. "Yep, they're nice. Daddy will be proud." And he says, "No, we won't tell Daddy." Oh. So I get sucked back into the zone. At that point the kids can fend for themselves, Mama's shopping. As we leave the lingerie he points to a super cute black and white polka dot bra and says "These things are awesome, they look really cool. Look at this one Mommy!"  For a second I almost bought it. He was absolutely right. That bra is adorable. I've never had a polka for bra. I love polka dots! I need that! Then wait. Sanity bitch-slapped me. I do NOT buy a bra at my son's recommendation. NO. In order to maintain any last shred of sexy I do NOT do that. (Forget the time he was 6 months old and I had him by me for a bikini wax...)

So overall their behavior in Targét was awesome. They smiled at all the ladies who told them they were cute. They were okay when I said no to popcorn. They helped me unload the cart. 

On the way home sick baby girl was done. She needed to be home, on the couch, wrapped in a blanket and in our arms. She was crying for cuddles. Cade didn't hesitate, he just started singing our song "It's Your Love" by Tim McGraw. I pulled out my phone at the stoplight and put the music video on YouTube. Both kids were mesmerized. When it was over Cade said "I love that cowboy guy. He's so awesome."   Love him. (Cade, not Tim. Well I love him too.)

Home was a nightmare of busyness. Cooking a new paleo dinner was out. Cooking macaroni for my babies was in. Unloading Target goods. In. Making a paper doll community helper with the boy. Oh wth. How did I forget to do this over the two week holiday break? Seriously? What's my deal? Last night Cade didn't want to do it. neither did i so i didn't fight that battle. So tonight we cranked it out. His first homework assignment special project! Eek!

Here he is cutting out a hose for his fireman. So diligent.
The finished project. Yep, he's a real boy! With school. Homework. Scissors and glue time. Countdown to kindergarten ticking away. Siiighh.... (And notice the vein popping out of my forehead. It wasn't the most whimsical fun ever to juggle sick toddler, homework boy, dinner for kids and me, thoughts of what to cook next on the diet to stay on top of it, thoughts of who will stay home tomorrow with our sick girl, texting my sick mom, texting my diet partners...yep. Vein time.). This is my life. Crazy but beautiful. 

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