Thursday, January 23, 2014


Can you live 100 happy days?

2014 is all about accepting challenges and living my best life. So far I've started the transition to a Paleo diet (clean, healthy, gluten-free foods---- not hunting boars and cooking over fire), started the Couch to 5K program with fellow mommies who want to cross off Run a 5K from the Bucket List, and now live 100 happy days. In a row. Or at least find one happy moment and give it a little recognition once a day for 100 days.

Here is the site if you want to learn more about the challenge:

The creators of this site state that 71% of people failed this challenge, quoting lack of time as the reason. Really? Lack of time to snap an iPhone pic, pop an Instagram filter on it, and hashtag it?  I sort of believe it. Even though it's kind of sad. Maybe you don't agree, maybe you think social media posting for 100 days is kind of sad.  I like making connections with people. I don't like scrooges and fun-ruiners.  I like a challenge.  And I like a reward. At the end of 100 days they will send you a book of all 100 pics.  Will they really? I'm not sure, and neither are 71% of people who tried this challenge.

Here are my first three happy days:

Baby girl looking fabulous at the tank park.

Making Batman pancakes late at night to surprise little man in the  morning.
(Daddy forgot to pack them, so he got them the next day, when I showed them to him, all I got was an "uhhh....") 

Tiny painted fingernails.

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