Saturday, March 15, 2014

My girl

In the car ride to pick up Chinese food for dinner...
Dev: I'm hungry
Me: I know, sweetie. We are going to go pick up dinner right now!
Dev: What we getting for dinner?
Me: Chicken and rice. 
Dev: Oh, I don't like chicken rice. I like tacos and pupcakes!
Me: Tacos and cupcakes, together?
Dev: I like tacos and pupcakes*, both of 'em in my pummy!
Me: So yummy, so yummy in my  tummy!
Dev: I eat tacos and pupcakes in my tummy make me Superman!
Me: I bet tacos and pupcakes make you strong like Superman! 
Dev: Because I'm awesome! 
Me: You are awesome! **laughing so much at the crazy cuteness of this convo** I love you!
Dev: .....tacos and pupcakes in my  pummy make me awesome. I'm Superman!

*Translation Guide:
Pupcakes = cupcakes
Pummy = tummy
'Em = them, they

And some pics of her enjoying her fave activities: park & pupcakes!

We have been bribing potty training with the promise of pupcakes for going #2 in the potty. She had 4 successes in a row so I took them to The Original Cupcakery in Uptown. I had strawberry, Cade had carrot cake, and Dev had lemon with pink strawberry frosting. They were all beyond amazing and the best cupcakes I have ever had, but Dev's stole the show. It was amazing!

This child is beyond.... Love her and all her awesome Superman glory!

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