Tuesday, June 24, 2014

My girl

Oh Devyn. You have no idea how much I love you. You are always surprising me with what you know at just two and half years old. I can't describe it all or do my love for you justice, so I will make a list.

1. The way you play dress up. Your creativity knows no bounds. Pink goggles, birdie panties, and a battle axe. Of course!
2. You don't care at all about learning your colors. Everything else that is new information to you, you will repeat it once or twice and it sticks. But colors? You just don't care! 

3. Before bed Daddy and Cade eat a bite of turkey and do push ups. I guess it's a manly thing. But you dig it. You get your bite of turkey too and you do push-ups. You inspire me, so sometimes I do them too. 

4. I asked if you and Cade wanted to count Mommy's push-ups tonight and you flawlessly counted from 1 to 10 by yourself. When I cheered you smiled a little, but mostly acted like it was no big deal.

5. Sometimes you make your blankie into a babushka. 

6. You like Lucky Charms. Because it would be weird if you didn't. 

7. Your most loved babies lately are the shampoo and bath wash. Your most loved babies of all time are Daddy's vintage Hulk Hogan and Captain Lou. I kind of love it!

8. You always want a good pupcake. 

9. Last week you wanted to be Fancy Dancy. My God, it stole my heart. And you accessorized with rain boots!

10.  You love to do the naked dance before your bath and then after the bath you run away from me when I try to put on your PJs. You are so fun loving but sometimes I'm tired and I really hate that when all I want is bedtime. 

11. When I tell you to look at the camera you do this:

12. You like to hold hands. 
Cade told you he loved you and said "I love you to the moon and back" and you said "I love you to moon and back too" and he kept saying it and you kept telling him you loved him too for a good 3 minutes. I don't know how I kept driving because my heart had melted.

13. You can hang with the boys. Such a valuable skill, my girl!

14.  You hang on me. All around the house and in the pool you are my little monkey hanging on to momma.  You wrap your arms around my neck and my legs around my waist and you crawl further up me as if you can't get enough and never have I ever felt so loved. 

15. Most of all, you are a mystery. Who you will be as a girl, teenager and woman is yet to be. But I know you will do great things my love. You're my Devyn Doodles Cutie pie Apple of my Eye. 

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