Monday, January 30, 2012

Peek into my world.

Tonight was a perfect night. I was in the Mommy Zone. You know, that place you get to when you realize that every little decision you make works out PERFECTLY!   One of the most obnoxious parts of my nights is the Witching Hour. During the time period between 5:00 and 6:30 (yes, the Witching Hour is 90 minutes) the following events occur in any order - and at times simultaneously:  Nurse the baby, entertain the toddler, feed the toddler a snack, feed the toddler dinner, cook dinner, clean up school bags (them and me).

First thing I did right: Plan ahead kiddie snacks. I invested in some snack size baggies and filled them with healthy snack options. I put some in the fridge filled with baby carrots, sliced cucumbers and peppers, and sliced pears. (All separated out, so he could pick his favorite) And I stuck them on the slide out tray that's right at his height. I also put some mini Nilla wafers, veggie stix, and boxed Raisins in a Cade basket in the pantry. And the best idea yet (thanks Pinterest!): frozen grapes in baggies in the freezer. (Ours is a slide out drawer on the bottom of our fridge, so Cade has easy access.)

Success #2: I turned off the tv and made Cadester hang out in the kitchen with me while I cooked. He picked his snack/appetizer (frozen grapes) and made artwork with dot markers and glittery foam stars.
Devyn (my 6 month old) hung out in her walker car with teethers. She loved watching her big brother so much, we ended up popping her on the table in her Bumbo chair to get a better view.

Mommy's cooking dinner, the kids are hanging out together.
She would laugh and him and drop her toy, he would help her out in between coloring. He loved singing to her and talking with me. I had on 103.7 Delilah and we danced to love songs in between my cooking breaks.

My next success: I found a fabulous recipe on for Honey Mustard Chicken. The app on iPad is amazing.  If you aren't familiar, you must read the user comments. Thank God I did because they recommended using MUCH less butter (still tasted great) and suggested using breadcrumbs.  If I can break out my Panko, I'm excited. My chicken was delish. Served up with a side of microwaved sweet potatoes and broccoli.  It was so fab! I don't know about you, but I feel like freaking super mom when I try a new recipe or bust out a tasty din din.
As it was baking, Cade put the finishing touches on his artwork. (I ever so gently held his hand as he wrote "Cade" in that top right corner. I never know how much I am guiding. Like a Ouija board, is the magic within or was I just cheating? I'm not sure.) He decided Daddy needed this masterpiece. Mommy is jealous. Time to remind him about my episiotomy? I guess not.
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