Wednesday, February 1, 2012

Things to add to your baby registry...

As a single or child free girl, there was no task I dreaded more than going to Babies R Us to shop for a baby gift. I would have rather dealt with all the car trouble in the world then rode a public bus to a dentist appointment for 3 cavities. Seriously. The ten page mega registry intimidated me, scared me, and made me want to puke. Diaper Genie that twists dirty diapers into sausage links? Gross! Breast pumps and nipple cream? Nasty! Wipe warmer? WTH? I dreaded it.

Then I got pregnant with my first and thought registering would be all fun and games. Who can resist the thrill of the zing with those little radar guns? Ummm, I'm pretty sure they passed us that laser gun scanner deal and let my mom and I loose. First stop--- bottles. Ohhhhh the choices! I about died. BPA free? Nipple that simulates mothers'? Tubes and bag inserts to reduce colic? What's colic? Why don't I want colic? I'm not sure how I survived but I have vague recollections of rocking myself in their furniture department gliders and then following around mommas Mom and I must have thought looked knowledgeable, and scanning whatever they put in their carts.

So I'm going to tell you the items you actually need. Take notes, pregos.

1. A chiropractor. You will need him now. Back pain, sciatica, sleepless nights, stuffy pregnant nose.... he can help you with these things. He can prep your body for an easier labor and delivery and also adjust your newborn who just went through the trauma of squeezing through your tiny pelvis, you Skinny B. He can also get your body recovered from the trauma of labor.

2. An iPad. You need one now because of the same reasons above. In the hospital you'll want it for entertainment and easy access to post pics of your little sweets to Facebook. Nighttime nursing when you are trying to stay awake, but want to keep your baby in a quiet environment you will swear by it! And the baby apps galore! This is a must.

3. A great rocking chair. I found one for my boy on Craigslist. Gotta love nursery shopping on there, I outfitted his whole room with barely used furniture that looks designer. I got baby girl's rocker glider on It even has a reclining feature. Which I highly recommend over tripping over an ottoman! This is a non negotiable item.

4. Mommy wardrobe. You will need cute sweatsuits, yoga pants, hoodies, and three quality nursing bras. Buy them a little roomy. A. Because you will look 4 months pregs after baby the first few weeks until your uterus shrinks (sorry to burst your bubble). B. You may have a c-section. C. You may have stitches elsewhere and need something you can gently wiggle in and out of. Nursing bras. Go Bravada or go home.

5. Quality coffeemaker.

6. Boppy pillow. Best baby goods since disposable diapers and Mylicon!!

7. A stability ball. Bouncing your baby to sleep during restless nights. Not critical, but helpful. Lifesaver for my baby girl who had reflux!

8. Strategically placed nightlights for stumbling around the house in the dark.

9. The iBaby app for your Android phone or iPhone. You can track the last time your baby ate, for how long, what side she fed from, when she pooped, peed, and slept, took meds. It's tres fabulous! And free. If you don't get this, grab yourself an ItzBeen timer from Babies R Us. Does the same things, but doesn't store your data like the iBaby app.

That's all for now! Those of you who have been there, done that feel free to let me know what you think are your must-have mommy or baby items.

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