Friday, February 3, 2012

Fun Party Friends

Friends are starting to turn 3!!! Cade can't wait for his turn.  About once a week he asks me, "Is it my happy birthday to me?"  He has a Toy Story calendar and we talk about how his birthday is in April.  The other day he perused birthday decor in Hobby Lobby. He liked the diggers (construction theme), then the cowboy boots theme, then Diego caught his eye.  I don't want to confuse him by making him decide this early.... and I know toddlers are worse than women when it comes to changing their minds...But I REALLY want him to decide on a party theme ASAP so I can start Pinteresting some cute decor ideas and shopping online for sales.  AND picking a fabulous party venue that can do most of the planning for me.  Here are some pics of a fun party we went to at a gymnastics venue. Super kudos to my friend Amy who planned this awesome par-tay!!! The kids were all on Cloud 9 AND slept well that night.  Success!!!

The foam pit was an instant attraction! He took one quick glance at me and soon as I told him it's okay to jump in there he went for it!

He had a blast jumping on the trampolines. There was one for every kid to jump on! There was fun party music playing (aka Kidz Bop--- funny how my idea of party music has evolved since high school. Jamming in parking lots to Tom Petty and Bone Thugs to the rated G version of  Black Eyed Peas songs)

Here he is with the birthday girl, Audrey. They play together so well. It's presh! And please take a moment to notice their perfectly round heads. Bye bye plagiocephaly! Thank you DOC bands!!

My boy loved the princess party and all the girls!  He just got his thank you card in the mail and there was Snow White, Sleeping Beauty, and Tiana on the front of the card. He pointed to Sleeping Beauty and said, "Look! She's pretty! It's mommy princess!"  I had to clarify, "Is Mommy that princess?" And he said, "Yes! Mommy is a princess! Lives in the biiiiiiiig BIG castle Zurg!"  (Translation: Yes, Mommy is a princess. She lives in the big big castle (the one we see before opening title sequence of Disney movies) with Zurg (the bad Darth Vadar-esque guy from Toy Story 2)  

I haven't figured out how I feel yet about being married to Zurg. Well, I guess he never specified that I was married, maybe I'm living in sin in the castle with Zurg? Hmm...
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