Sunday, January 8, 2012

Glow Man!

The other night I decided to take fab idea I found on Pinterest via  This is an amazing blog I could (and do!) get lost in for hours.  Daddy has always been a huge fan of glow sticks (called "magic lights" in our home).  He likes to give them to Little Man before bedtime. It used to drive me nuts because the kid would be playing with them all night and use them to light his way to our bed in the middle of the night.  I was not a fan.

Then came Pinterest, which could pretty much make anything look like a great idea. (Like the recipe I found that called for cookie dough, double stuf Oreos, and brownie batter. Uhmazing idea!)  So the genius mommas over at came up with a slew of fun ideas for glow sticks. As you know, I am recovering from a second best hangover.  I opened the pack of magic lights that Daddy bought and I used THREE! At one time. 

I think that smile puts me back on top tier parent status :)
The sensory time in the dark just fascinated him. I highly recommend this activity. We buy our glow sticks at Academy, but according to PAHM, the best ones are at Dollar Tree.  Putting it on my to-do list to stop by this week and up our stash of magic lights.
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