Wednesday, November 26, 2008

the three of us

Tonight marks one of the most special nights in my pregnancy so far. (apology in advance for being more sappy than amusing at the moment)

I've been really wanting Nick to feel Cade kick for awhile now. When he's tried it's like just at that moment that the baby has settled into a comfy spot and doesn't need to move around. With all my cleaning around the house tonight, I finally just showered and laid down on the couch with Nick. I gave Cade a silent lecture and said a little prayer that tonight would be Nick's night to feel him move. We were watching a movie (Hancock-- I'll recommend it), so I put his hand on my belly and told him "Wait for it"... he got his feelings hurt when there were no kicks in like 20 seconds. But something made him put his hand back on my belly and he felt 3 kicks in a row. We both could feel them.

He was so excited, and yes, quasi-grossed out I think (even though we know the gender, we still get freaked out by the alien child living in me). But after the second and third kicks he was in love. I managed not to cry and ruin the movie, but for a moment we just held each other as tight as we could, and it just felt perfect. Just the three of us.

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