Wednesday, November 5, 2008


Let me just lay it out there. I'm a pregnant girl with only 5 more months to go, and I'm stressing. While labor freaks me out, I'm actually concerned about bringing the kid home. I want to be the sweet, nurturing little mama who can sing endless lullabies to her baby.

So, being the good Capricorn I am, I decided to start practicing in the shower. I kept starting lullabies and stopping after like 2 verses b/c I can't remember the words. I can even hum some tunes, but then I realize I have no clue what the first word even is. For example, "hush little baby don't you cry, mama's gonna... sing you a... lullaby?"
I can recite nursery rhymes all day long, but this lullaby business has me stumped.

I decide that I don't really need to know traditional lullabies, maybe some cool classic songs would work. And I came up with two. Two songs that I know ALL the words to. And these 2 songs are: The Star Spangled Banner and Ice, Ice, Baby. I tried putting Vanilla's lyrics to a sweeter tune, but then I realize "wax a chump like a candle, dance" just can't be removed from the original beats. Gotta respect the artist, you know? And,I want a patriotic kid as much as the next Joe, but talking about bombs (aka "rockets red glare") isn't entirely appropriate for someone whose age is measured in months, not even years yet.

Guess I should worry about calcium allotments and prenatal yoga instead.

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