Sunday, November 9, 2008

food & the psycho-rating

I keep getting asked to detail the nature of my cravings... I find this odd, because I haven't had any more powerful cravings than I did before getting knocked up. I've always been that girl who gets hit about once or twice a week with a craving I absolutely must satisfy.

Here's my prego menu:
1. Stouffer's chicken pot pie
2. homemade tacos with black olives
3. hamburgers (I've had 4 this week)
4. pancakes
5. fruit
6. Carnation Instant Breakfast (chocolate all the way!)
7. french fries

I'm nowhere near as obnoxious as I thought I would be... Nick hasn't had to do any late night food runs, I haven't had to unleash the Exorcist head spinning to score some Cheetos. Overall, on a psycho-scale of 1-10, 10 being the height of crazy, I'd rate myself around a 2. Crazy crying horomones, suprisingly, not so much.

All this food talk makes me hungry for some #6 with frozen yogurt. Gotta go take care of that, the kid's hongry!

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