Thursday, November 13, 2008

Baby Dreams

Everyone says dreams during pregnancy are so much more strange, surreal, and that you can really sense things as if you're really experiencing them. I've always been a big dreamer, always remember my dreams even years after I've had them. For example, I remember a dream I had frequently in elementary school. (At Missy's tree fort, climbed up to the top and then fell down, and I always woke myself up with the big thud sensation. My whole body literally jumps as if I did hit an impact -- ask Nick)

So my first baby dream before I was pregnant convinced me I should never have a baby. I had a kid for 2 weeks and then I realized I had never ever changed its diaper or given it a bath. How do you forget that? I was so disturbed.

Anyways, my first baby dream after I found out I was pregnant I was at Thunderbird Roller Rink. I was so excited because I was having a baby. Then they called my name over at the skate counter and Baby Chloe was ready. I rolled over there and picked her up and she was beautiful! I was so excited! And when I woke up I wondered if it meant I was having a girl. Some people have smart ESP dreams, but I don't know if that works what with all the crazy horomones and all. Hell, I sobbed at the CMA's last night!

So my next baby dream after that was that I had a miscarriage and I reached into the toilet (gross, I know) and pulled out my little bloody baby. It was actually the little plastic baby that they put in King's Cake (the nasty Mardi Gras tradition, whoever finds the baby "wins" and has a good year). I thought "Oh cool, NOT a miscarriage, we're good". Again, WTF with the dreams? You think I'm just having crazy dreams because I'm preg? Try again my friend. I'm the girl who totally related to the psychotic dreams in the Cell. I'm like "how the hell did they know I've dreamed that?" Anywaysss....

Since then no more baby dreams. As for sexy dreams, I meet so many sexy guys in my dream. And (early on in marriage) I used to be all Anti-Dream-Cheating. Now that I'm 2.5 years in, I'm kinda like "what the hell" about it. But I don't allow anything past 2nd base in my dreams. I'm such a dream prude. Like, "No thanks man, I'm pregnant" and "What would the fetus think?"

Who turns down dream sex??!!

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