Wednesday, December 5, 2012

A perfect fall day

Flashback: October 2012
Yes, I'm really that late uploading pics from my camera.
You could say I've been having fun.
Or been crazy busy. Whatevs.

This Sunday afternoon we had the best day ever. It was chilly, so after naptime we made some soft pretzels from an Auntie Ann's kit I had bought at Walmart over the summer. It was a TON of work, but so freaking delish!  Totally worth the $10 and hour and a half it took to make.
Cade and I had a blast working out the dough and making shapes.

I had one of those moments where my desire to be picture-perfect and my desire to be a supportive mommy had a clash. We mixed ingredients, rolled the dough, and then it was time to make the pretzels into pretzel-shape. Maybe I secretely envy the skill of the mall pretzel shop people who just quickly and effortlessly loop their perfect little lines of dough to make uniform pretzels. Maybe I thought, "I can do that!" But I kind of had to restrain myself from reforming Cade's lopsided loops and mounds of dough. One even looked like a curl of toddler poop. So gross but he thought it was awesome. Maybe he missed that it was the white version of what he leaves behind during his evening constitutional? I dunno. It was sick. But I let him have it. I made minor adjustments behind his back.

Of course Cade and Daddy wanted to eat the pretty pretzels  (AKA the ones Mommy made). Again, self restraint in effort of modeling kind behavior for my children, I let them have it. I ate the poo-pretzel. It was damn good. And tasted great with beer. So, take THAT mall pretzel shop! There's my one up on ya!

The teacher in me did win in making initial pretzels for each family member. Here is Dev going after the "D" pretzel.

Daddy and Cade do NOT do pumpkin guts.
Mommy to the rescue!

I have some mad pumpkin carving skills.
Bruce Wayne was pleasanty surprised by  my bat signal-o-lantern.

Anddd.... you know you're a momma to kids under 3 if you have a glass door that looks like that.
I SWEAR it did not look that bad before the flash went off.
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