Friday, December 28, 2012

Christmas Eve

First there was church.

And hugs at church.

And Daddy's little girl at church.
And then home for pizza and salads with the fabulous in-laws.
I'm sorry your in-laws aren't nice.  Mine are fabulous. I can't relate.
I finally remembered that it's important for mommies to be in pictures too. So I made hubs get behind the camera. He took about 20 AMAZING  pictures that were fatally underexposed. Seriously, almost all 20 pics had three people smiling into the camera. ARRRGHGHH!  So I popped up the flash. And I edited these pics better but Picasa didn't translate the edits into Blogger. wth. Grr!

In-laws left. Kids were bathed and jammied.
Cookies were chosen for Santa. 9 perfect baby carrots were counted out, one for each reindeer.
Bizarre turn of events though, Santa drank all the milk, ate most of the cookies (I mean seriously, the guy doesn't eat ALL of eVERYONE's cookies right? That'd be like 18 mil cookies in one night. He's got a magic sack, magic sleigh, magic reindeer, but magic stomach? That I doubt.) But the bizarre twist was that 3 carrots remained un-touched. So that leads me to believe that 3 reindeer told Santa "No more carrots, big guy. We need to rest our tummy tums." Or maybe the Prep and Landing elves were mad for stepping in reindeer poo again so they left behind the carrots for the three reindeer in question. Or maybe, just maybe...Santa grabbed the cookies for the elves and he ate the carrots himself, but no way does he have time for 9 carrots, 6 yes, but 9 ---no.
Oh Santa, you confound me.
Anyways, doesn't this plate look delish? Next year I hope to remember to have a bigger plate for Santa, Prep and Landing elves, and reindeer snacks.  And great-grandma G.G. told us that reindeer also need water, so when her son, Papa, was a kid they left water for the reindeer. And so in 2013 I shall research how exactly Santa would like me to leave the water. A bottle? I imagine the reindeer have a dish to drink from. And would I leave 9 water bottles? That seems excessive. So what would you say, bloggies? Apparently the reindeer will survive without getting water at every house (our house is proof of that)... but does anyone happen to know just what provisions the reindeer need?

Merry Christmas to all, and to all...good night!

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