Friday, December 28, 2012

Gingerbread House Party!!!

One of our favorite treats this Christmas season was inviting friends over for a Gingerbread House decorating party!  I slaved away all week perfecting my recipe and baking gingerbread (AKA hitting up Trader Joe's for their $7.99 Gingerbread House kits!).  One Saturday morning we had our friends over for pizza lunch followed by decorating our gingerbread houses. I totally adore the friends we had over. The kids get along great and each of them have the sweetest personalities. And their mommies are the best part. Despite all the stress we each have as working mommas, these girls bring the fun every time. I might be the most insecure one in my mommyhood, and every time they reassure that sometimes, being a mom is crazy hard!  Once the mimosas were flowing we each confessed that week's crazy momma moments and got down to the business of managing five kids and 3 gingerbread houses.  Crazy hard, but crazy fun!

Yes, that's my kid in a Spiderman Santa shirt.
That's also my kid using his hands to ice the ENTIRE roof of his gingerbread house.
It ended being a cool snowy effect after it got the momma touch up job. He then proceeded to stack on as much candy as that sucker could hold. Adorably messy. More is more kid! (I'll be back to add the final pic)

When houses were done the kids needed to burn off the energy from eating their candy decor, so they ran around outside and climbed the tree.  Precious little monkeys!

We tried for a group pic.... Five kids, four pictured, two out of four looking at the camera, zero smiles.

And finally, the last thing to do is wait for Santa to come!
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