Sunday, December 9, 2012

He's baaaack!

Our elf, Jingle Jangle, has arrived! He came Dec. 1 and brought a breakfast of fruit and snow donuts from the North Pole. The kids were so happy! I read the book to them while they ate.... (and if you've done the math and are realizing this was all on a school day, you are correct! Momma woke them up at 5:50am so they could see the magic in the kitchen. And, we weren't late! Booyah!)

The elf let us open two of the holiday crackers. Cade got a purple crown and a silver dolphin keychain. Devyn got an orange paper crown and a flashlight keychain. Coolness. They were uber happy with surprise prezzies.

She wouldn't sport her crown, but she would rock the bedhead. Go girl!

And that face is all worth it.

Very seriously contemplating the snow donut.
Once she had a taste she was giggling and so happy. I was loving reading the book to her because she waved whenever Santa came on the page. Totes adorbs.
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