Saturday, November 17, 2012

Rough day

Yesterday was rough.
Rough as in the night before I was in bed at 7:15pm with a killer migraine, nausea, and some majorly sore quads from working out the first time in ages. Rough as in I actually planned to take a sick day to catch up on sleep and fight off whatever stomach bug was creeping on me before it hit full throttle. We did that last year. I will not let stomach bug of 2011 hit us again. That sucked. Big time. So I cuddled in bed, kitchen mess be damned, and reassured myself that I would have the whole house to myself to relax, watch dvr'd shows, and eat saltines. Deep breath. It will be okay.

So I was definitely not expecting Nick to wake me up at 1:00am with "Cade's throwing up. A lot.". Nothing wakes up a momma from her Tylenol pm coma wrapped in feather duvet and chamois blanket quite like an unexpectedly sick baby rushing into your room simultaneously grabbing his stomach and reaching for a hug.

We made it through a few more episodes of vomiting, cleaning, hugging, laundrying, lysoling, and bleaching to wake up next to each other with his arm around my neck. I grabbed the iPad, shot off plans to colleagues and rolled over for more sleep. Five minutes later, baby girl cries.

Nick and I stagger past each other and somehow he heads to a dr appointment that can't be rescheduled, and there I hour to get everyone dressed, one kid to daycare, and one kid to the dr...all while feeling completely sick to my stomach and trying not to lose my lunch (or yesterdays lunch-- yes, I actually skipped meals and

Getting those children into the car, both of them from growing her 4th molar and 5th and 6th something else, one from wanting to be held but mommy can't physically lift you baby, I'm so so sorry, I'm sick too. Me crying and trying not to let them see my cry. My god. I really think this is it. #2 hardest moment of motherhood. Right here, right now. I wanted to give up and go back to bed. I wanted to twitch my nose and make us all feel better. I needed Mary Poppins. No quitting....Push through, Momma, push!! You can do it!

Somehow that sweet girl made it to daycare and her loving teachers gave me knowing looks and hopes that everything would be okay. Somehow God arranged for my mother in law to have the day off work, so she would pick up baby girl later on in the day and I could be nurse the two of us. Turns out he had stomach virus with a side of strep throat. We went to Target for our ritual post-dr prescription run. He saw toys, I bought him new Batman fleece jammies, I bought myself some bagel bites and a thermal top. Target therapy.

We napped it off, and the M-I-L came to the rescue with Popsicles and soup for him, trashy mags and ginger ale for me, and the sweetest little baby sister girl. Somehow we survived the day from hell, and are on the mend now.

And for the record, #1 hardest moment of motherhood was also my first moment of motherhood, pushing out that sweet baby Cade. Killer. But #2 is a close second.

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