Saturday, November 10, 2012

A Moment of Parenting Awesomeness....

So, there was this day.
It was awhile ago, but it's a day I've been meaning to confess about.
My brother was in town. We were heading out for an adventure and Cade was devastated. He desperately wanted to wear his Batman shirt,  but it was dirty. I  didn't have time to do laundry just for this shirt. I didn't want to do laundry just for this shirt. I'm sorry. But I refuse to be that parent who washes a shirt every day just to make their kid happy. That's weird. I can't do it. I won't do it. But this day I paid for it. He was seriously devastated that he couldn't be Batman for his Uncle Alex.

So I convinced him that he could be Batman. He could wear a button up shirt, just like Bruce Wayne.
He stopped crying a little. I mean a little. Like instead of sobs we had trickling tears. Progress. Mommy score! But I could tell I needed to think quick. He needed more.
So I told him to wait right there. I grabbed the black waterproof Crayola marker and showed it to him.
"You can BE Batman... but it has to be our secret. Nobody can know that today you are more than Bruce Wayne. Save that secret for someone special."
He nodded very seriously. Crocodile tears.
Point 2! Keep going, Mama. I told myself.
So I told him to lay down. I unbuttoned his shirt and drew a black bat on his chest. I colored it in, I tried to make it look good. He loved it!
We went to the bathroom and I showed him his secret bat.
He smiled as he held open his shirt.
He was walking around kind of hung down. Uh-oh.
Something else??! Is this kid for REAL?!
Then I remembered.... The black nail polish.
I found it and I painted his nails.

He was so proud.
He was happy.
Ten points for Mommy!It was a great day. We did the Dallas World Aquarium. (Post to come)
We were happy and had fun with Uncle Alex.
We went to dinner at Mattitos.
And then... Devyn drank from Alex's margarita.
Mommy fail.

At least there's always tomorrow.
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  1. That's sounds like Audrey and her Rapunzel shirt. She is not happy when it's dirty. And hey, at least Devyn's first time having a drink was with you! ;)


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