Friday, May 25, 2012

Potty Training....groan!!

Check out our potty chart. At first glance you see tons of stickers, so you'd think we are having huge successes. Actually, we're not completely there yet. Notice the one lonely star in the blue "poo poo" column. Groannnn!  Actually getting him trained for #1 wasn't bad. He was trained in about a week. He was exposed to the potty chair in our bathroom and we let him try it when he was ready starting at about 2 1/2ish. He could pee in the potty every now and then. No probs. We did a weekend a few months later of potty training on the big potty with a little seat on top. That went well, with several accidents. No biggie, to be expected. So off to daycare. We had some issues on day #1 and #2 at school,  but by the end of the week -- no accidents! Yay Cadester! He wore a pull-up to nap in and outside at recess. Finally we're just wearing a pull-up to nap at school and nighttime at home.


Here's the embarassing part. He has issues with going #2 in the potty. I've read about kids not wanting to give it up. Like they feel like their poo is a part of them. I don't know. It's weird. I don't get it. Apparently I wasn't the easiest child to potty train, so KARMA.  I can NOT figure out how to get him to go in the potty.

We tried the big bribe. We tried "You go poo poo in the potty and you go to the toy store and pick out a big toy!" So the first time he goes (at night...after stores are closed...and mommy is home alone with both kids...FAIL), so the first time he goes we go to the store the next day.

He got a cool toy and then we had to go to birthday party. No time to play with it. FAIL. He comes home, shows Daddy and we play and play. 2 days later he poops in the potty again. Then we realize, this kid will not poop every day. He will wait until the magic moment his pull up is on in bed. And typically when one parent is in the shower or in bed themselves to start to whine, "I go poo poo".  So we get all excited and say "Yay! Lets go, lets go potty!" And he goes, "No.... I go poo poo." #@$!  wth, kid?! 

When? When will it get better? What do I have to do to convince him the POTTY is where poo poo belongs? It is killing me. I can change the baby's poop all day long. (okay, kind of.) But I can NOT deal with this mess in pull ups. Oh, and the weekly accident in the underpants is getting old. I've been nice "Oh, okay, honey it happens. Maybe next time you will get it in the potty."  That hasn't worked. So I've been not so nice. That certainly hasn't worked. I don't get it. So today I change the baby, change my clothes after work and go looking for the little boy who is eerily quiet. I find him stuck behind the kitchen trash can. With wet pants.  And a puddle on the floor. Groannnnn....

I take im to his room to clean him up and he tells me he's hungry for a snack. As I get a wipey and tell him that we'll get clean first then get a snack, he holds out a fist. Then he says what sounds like "I already have a snack" and held out a little turd. w.t.h????!!!!  So insanely not cool, kid. What do I do with that? I have cleaned up this child's throw up so much this week. I've cleaned up his daddy's throw up. I've cleaned up my own throw up. And now this.

Happy Friday. I stop here. My gift to you. Confirmation that your week HAD to be better.
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  1. I hope by now, potty problems are a thing of the past. We, too, have a child who trained easily for urination but, struggled mightily with bowel withholding. Despite endless (did I say endless?) Google searches and countless calls to our pediatrician, none of the recommendations produced the desired results. Adding to the frustration was the lack of printed material dealing with this particular potty training challenge. Our family was introduced to a book available on"I Can't, I Won't, No Way!" A Book for Children Who Refuse to Poop. Written entirely form a child's perspective, it has gone a LONG way to help in our household! Finally, proof we are not alone in our struggles...

  2. Thanks for your comment! Soul sisters in the poop fight! We're going on two weeks *knock on wood* of pooping in the potty. We were dog-sitting my parents' dogs and one of them pooped in his room. We said, "Ew yuck, doggy! Doggies go poo-poo OUTSIDE! Boys go poo-poo in the potty!" and that for whatever reason that clicked. This week though, he is all about wiping and stops mid-poop to wipe, them he has to sit back down and go some more. For real, kid? Toy bribes, candy bribes, special Spiderman undies bribes, social stories, and sticker charts. We worked hard for that win!! Please tell me kid #2 is easier in potty training!


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