Friday, May 25, 2012

9 months old

This face takes my breath away. She is such a doll.

Guess who's 9 months old?
Okay, guess again. She's technically 10 months old and I just realized I needed to post 9 month Lambie pics.

Her scrunchy face grin. I adore this face!

Typical roly-poly Devyn grabbing her toes.
At 9 months old I was so hoping she'd crawl, she was so close so many days.
Instead, this child decided that rolling was an okay way to move around the room. She can roll and roll and roll herself anywhere. At the end of 9 months she would scoot on her bottom, go down onto all fours like a crawl, rock back and forth, reach as far as she could for a toy, get it, then sit back up on her bottom. So effective for her, but so frustrating! Just a few more tries, keep going, girl! But no.  We did a LOT of baby yoga. Mommy showed her how to crawl, Cade showed her how to crawl. Honey Badger don't care. She's going to do it her way!  She is pulling up on things at school and trying hard to pull up at home, but we don't have quite the same infant sized gym equipment stuff they have at school.

At 9 months Devyn loves to talk. She says "Mama", "Dada", "bye-bye", and "baba".  And "ya-ya". She's my little "ya-ya" and we have "ya-ya" conversations. She can laugh oh so good. It's adorable. A snicker, a giggle, a guffaw. It's so sweet. She mostly laughs at tickles or when she's playing tug of war. Hopefully we'll see a crawler at 10 months, until then I'm kind of enjoying knowing where she is. 
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