Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Blessed Baby Girl

Flashback to Devyn's baptism. She is wearing the Samusson family baptismal gown that Cade also wore. It goes back four generations. (Or more, right Mom?)

Our family is complete! (AKA I'm not outnumbered!)
Big brother Cade taking the prayers for his baby sister girl very seriously.
The Flemings, Lambs, and Samusons gathered for Devyn.
Godmother Kelly (Aunt - Nick's sister) and Godfather Alex (Uncle - my brother). (**As if the family resemblence didn't already give it away)
So happy that my brother is the Godfather to both of my kids. Cade Andrew and Alex Andrew share a middle name. Devyn Alexis is inspired by Alex (also a family name on the Fleming side).
This baby is so blessed. She has so many people who care about her, but none more than Nick and I.

I hope she has a strong faith and always trusts in God. Trusts in the good of people. Trusts that there is a plan greater than she can see in the current moment. Faith that life is good and determination to live a happy life are two of my biggest desires for my baby girl. Life is more fun when you believe.
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