Saturday, May 12, 2012

Our Life...March 2012

Flashback to March! We had a 2 year old boy and 8 month old girl. Mommy and Daddy both work. Both kids go to the same daycare. Preparations for Cade's third birthday and Easter well under way. Daddy had a LOT of late nights at the office, so Mommy got a taste of what being a single parent was like. One word to success of doing it on your own? Organization!  Thank God for the other moms out there who gave me their tips and advice. Thank God for Pinterest for recipes and links to other mommy bloggers out there who share their tips, vents, and joys to help me see that it's all worth it. For Mother's Day weekend this year I want to put a big "Thank you!!" out there in the universe to my mommy friends and the bloggers I've never met but who have inspired me and kept me sane realizing that this crazy life with baby and toddler is totally normal. Thank you!

Maybe I should have bought those cute monthly stickers for the baby's onesies. I thought my idea of a cake for each month was SO CUTE! And it was, until months 8 and 9 when Devyn decided it was fun to eat the cake and ruin the cute little decorations on it! I need to do some seriously doctoring before her 10 month birthday so the cake will survive until 1 year old!  I stupidly did not factor in when baby was uncontrollably moving around how this would work and hold it's shape. The monthly stickers for the little white onesies are genius for this reason! No destructo factor to take into consideration. 

I made the decision NOT to buy them based on fashion. I wanted to highlight my favorite baby outfits each month and not be limited to the little white Gerber onesies. So cute outfits we get....the monthly sign on the cake...we will see!!

Switching topics --- AGAIN!  Daddy isn't featured as much on the blog. He loves his privacy. (and I think we've got lots of coworker followers, shout out to Daddy's coworkers! :)  Here is Daddy taking a work phone call. And Cade helping. To be able to be a fireman with Cade and handle business is a huge feat! Good job Daddy!

And here is Daddy doing work. This is another typical sight. The multi-tasking around here is INSANE! But we love the sacrifice he makes for us. Being here is so worth it and the kids are just totally infatuated with Daddy.  Well bloggies, thanks for dealing with my randomness this morning. Trying to catch up on our little family diary whenever I can! Time to go wake up Daddy for our family breakfast date!

One final random thought: Have any mommy bloggers out there printed their blogs in book format? I'd LOVE to print one for each year this summer. Which websites do you like to use? Any tips?
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