Monday, May 7, 2012

Easter time with our Lambies!

Sure enough, Easter fell the day after Cade's 3rd birthday this year. What a weekend!!
Luckily the Easter bunny didn't let us down. Cade kept peeking outside to see if he could catch the Easter bunny in more Easter action. He kept saying, "Oh! What is that? I think that's the happy Easter bunny!"

Presents and books? No thanks. More candy please!!

The Easter bunny bought Devyn a sweet little basket filled with a flamingo highchair toy, eggs with yogurt drops and stars, a little pink bunny, a purse with rattle toys, and Baby Mum Mums!  Oh, and a madras sun hat! Cadester also got a madras sun hat. Newsboy style. Adorbs. If only he'd wear it as often as he wears his fireman hat.

Cade found eggs galore! They were filled with Starbust jelly  beans, M&M's, dried cranberries (fail), and Cheerios (meh). We played after church and then took a glorious family nap. If you know me, you know I love the rare luxury that is both children napping at the same time. Typically I waste naptimes because I'm busy eating. Stuffing my face with food without any interruptions is sometimes better than napping. I usually eat during dual nappage then immediately regret not napping when one kid wakes up just as I lay down and get my pillow perfectly fluffed. Anyone else out there a compulsive pillow fluffer? I learned this habit from my husband and now I'm a tad psycho about not resting until the pillow is juuuuuust right. Thanks douche. Another ritual that prolongs my procuring more beauty sleep. (They call it beauty sleep because it does nothing for your outer beauty, it only cancels out the crankiness that occurs should you lack sleep)

After everyone woke up we packed up the crew and headed to Lolli & Papa's house where we had an Easter feast with Grammie & Grandaddy, Aunt Kelly & Uncle Eric, and Great Grandma Lamb (aka GiGi!). We had turkey, ham, green beans, sweet potatoes, potato salad, and more more food that I can't recall a month later. In fact, many of the details are fuzzy, but a good time was had by all. No family drama here! Just a laid back crew eager to be entertained by the under 4 set. 

Baby sister girl and big brother Cade had a beautiful day! Thanks Easter bunny!

Oh, and FYI. In the world according to Cade the Easter bunny hitched a ride back to his bunny candy farm with Santa. Apparently both operations are run out of the North Pole. Duh, how does Santa get all that candy? Must be that he outsourced to the Easter bunny.

How does the Easter bunny get all that candy? Cade has figured that out too. He talked it out and decided that the Easter bunny has help from his Mommy and Daddy Bunny. They grow the candy and they live in a house in a tree. He hops fast fast FAST and drops his eggs all over. And then when he's done? Click clack clack. You've got it. Reindeer hooves. Santa's magic sleigh. The two magical friends peace out and head to the North Pole for the summer.

Except when you see Santa driving down the highway on a motorcycle or shopping in Academy in the hunting section. He hasn't quite figured out that Santa sometimes summers in Texas wearing Wranglers and Harley t-shirts. The jolly belly appears to be a beer belly. But don't be fooled. It's a jolly bowl of jelly belly.

Peace bloggies.
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