Saturday, June 12, 2010

The Walk

So my days of being a stay at home mom (temporarily) have begun. One of the things I despised --I mean I dreamed about being a stay at home mom myself was the long morning walks. If I wanted a long morning walk during the school year it would be at 4:30am. Not exactly ideal. Today I got to walk early enough that I could still enjoy a morning coffee and morning show (okay, morning Disney channel, but whatev......turns out Cade doesn't like the View since Meredith left, just like Mommy...even though Rosie's gone, it still kinda sucks)

So I packed up for the walk, you can't tell from the pics, but there was a a water bottle for each me, Cade, and Izzy, some Crunchies, baby hat and toys, tennis ball for Izzy, cell phone in case of emergency and extra SPF. Only minus that I chose not to bring and regretted was my iPod. I thought it would make me a rude mommy to Cade, but I think I would have been able to carry on a one sided convo with him even with some music. But then I could have sang something to him, which could have been good for him too.

We took a super long walking/biking trail by our house, took us 80 minutes total...I SO should have sported the pedometer, but I didn't want to look hardcore in case there were some cool potential mommy friends on the trail. But just in case, Cade was in a super cute seersucker romper WITH matching hat. Nick thought it was a little gay, but he can suck it, Cade was presh...Again, had there been a baby model scout we'd have been prepared. Had there been Clinton & Stacy to see me make-up free, I would have been prepared for that as well.... none of that happened.

Cade was a trooper. He loves being out and about and v. cutely pointed at squirrels and bunnies and dogs we saw on the trail. He v. preshly waved people we passed and v. appropriately pointed and did "What the?" with his upturned hand and gaze upward at me when the dude hand-pedaled past on his incumbent bike.

What I didn't expect was that the dog would wimp out before the homestretch. Like after we'd finished 65% of the trail she just slowed down and sat. I didn't even get a chance to throw a ball for her at the park on the last leg of the trip!!! Thank GOD I bought the super stroller, so I popped her in the basket underneath and convinced her it was a good, safe idea and continued. She was kinda sketched out at first, but got comfy after a few minutes of successful strolling. She didn't even jump out to save face in front of the 2 big dogs we passed....atta girl! Mama's Diva!

Izzy Girl in the basket
Cade wondering "wtf, Izzy?!"
I guess people on the trail are used to seeing this, or she was camoflaged enough they didn't notice. But I was a little alarmed that the lady we passed early on in our trip didn't ask where my dog went the second time. Anyways, super shout out to the makers of the Chicco. Love the stroller more every day!

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