Saturday, June 26, 2010

Nap Hair...reprise

Nap is a silly thing to blog about...but this was pretty noteworthy. It was a hot summer day last week, so Cade got pants off nap time. (What??!! Act like you don't love pants off nap time.) Anyways, we got into the perfect cuddle groove, napping together with him on my chest and Sex and the City playing after the perf mommy snack of butter popcorn with peanut butter m&ms ?& DDP. The nap lasted forever and ever, we were so comfy. After a hard nap you either have one or other: drool puddle or nap hair. This kid had mega nap hair. I was in awe of the cuteness and yet kinda scared when I realized he looked like Frat Boy Cade. Take a look...

Front view

Back view
Proud of his nappage.

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