Thursday, June 24, 2010

more firsts!

After passing Cade's first birthday I wasn't sure how frequently I'd get to do more of his "firsts". I've chronicled (um, okay, mentally noted) his firsts...first car ride home, first bath, first tooth, first steps, first lunch at Chili's. So now that the firsts have slowed down I was majorly pumped today to have THREE firsts all in one week!!!

The first first o' the week: playing in a mall indoor playground. We went to Collin Creek to walk around and hang out with Grammie. I was a little sketched out by all the kids playing around and the signs to remove we followed the rules but left on socks. My child pretty much ran from one climbing object to the next. He walked up slides backwards and slid down stairs on his butt. He was screaming with delight, it cracked me up. I was, howev, NOT impressed with the 9 year old who insisted on jumping from the top of the tall slide onto another bridge with a 4 foot leap. Um, I gave him my best pissed off face but it was probably a blur because psycho kid was a damn 70 lb flying squirrel. So I went to plan B which was to give disapproving looks to the parents sitting along the sides until I found Spiderman's mom. I saw what could have been his grandmother so I looked from her to him with my best dirty disapproving "are-you-going-to-discipline-your-spawn" look....but no dice. Cade was definitely the littlest boy playing there, and he totally rocked it out with his cool tricks of sliding down slides on his tummy and walking down slides. I'm sure one day I will regret my pride at his amazing gross motor skills as I sit in an ER with him.

Second first: The rear-facing car seat is now a forward-facing car seat!!! I did my "Safe Kids" car seat installation inspection with Nick a few months ago and learned how to tighten the hell outta a car seat. And use a pool noodle to increase balance of car seat! Can I say my mom and I switched my car seat tonight in less than 15 minutes and you cannot wiggle that thing more than 1/4 inch each way AND the balance ball is perfectly in the middle of the "green zone" on the built in balance? Score!!! Forward facing car seat riding is awesome. I can actually give Cade's little leg a love squeeze without dislocating my shoulder. (cool party trick, I could fish a binkie from any depth of the rear-facing car seat while keeping eyes on road. Sometimes having long gorilla arms is good for something, aside from keeping away high school potential homecoming dates) Also Cade could notice when I pointed and waved to our neighborhood alpacas and see exactly which dance moves we do for Lady Gaga and which ones are better suited for Carrie Underwood. I think he's gonna like it. ALSO (follow me as I head off on a tangent) I think it's cooler to brag about staying rear-facing as long as you can than breast-feeding as long as you can. Just because you can, doesn't mean you should. I'm just saying...

So for those of you still reading, thanks for not breast-feeding your preschooler, and lets continue to Cade's third first of the week. The first HAIRCUT!!! Before you cry that his little ducktail of curls is missing, it's not. It was more of a first hair TRIM situation than a first hair CUT. In fact, this should make you rest easy, it was technically a bang trim. Only reason I call it a first haircut is b/c we got a certificate with little attached baggie to insert the locks of hair that were trimmed. So his bangs are looking rockin and we took a little off above the ears. Grammie insisted on adding some layers to make his hair look fuller. He did not cry, he was so involved with checking out the stylist's technique (he's well trained) that he sat still enough to get the job done.

Pics to come soon...

ps i'm aware of the picture failure this week. got to pay up my Google storage account and we'll be good. thanks for imagining the pics of last 3 posts as you wait. you're a good faithful bloggie.

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