Saturday, June 12, 2010


Cade is finally showing an interest in coloring. We have the Crayola tadoodles or whatever they're called, but he wasn't a fan. So I took out some of my pretty, very finely sharped crayons (hello, I'm a teacher!!!) and let him have a go in his coloring pad. I showed him the colors first, then let him pick! He did good! It was more of a "color testing out" situation then a "creating a materpiece" situation, but he gets the gist-ish.

So he's taken his skills on the road and done it at our favorite breakfast spot now....

Okay, fess up #1: the first time he ate the green crayon.

fess up #2: He's very into taking out every crayon and coloring with each one for .5 second then tossing it to the side... (hopefully he doesn't get OCD like me and insist on using each color so the leftover ones don't feel sad) then after each crayon has been tested then tossed, he puts them up. Yay for me! My son's favorite part is "clean up" (fess up #3, yes I sing the clean up song) Please don't give him a 4 pack of red, yellow, green, blue. No, no, no, no....this guy likes to see a variety of colors and then put them all back in the cup one by one. He's so ready to graduate from the 12 pack to the 64...maybe Mommy will let him use hers one day soon.

Consider yourself informed.

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