Saturday, March 6, 2010

Girl jeans.

Today I was super stoked to put Cade in some cool new jeans I got him. They were size 12 mo, but I got over it when I saw them on the Dillard's sale rack next to the cool 80's style guitar shirt I got him. So these jeans are dark denim, got some cool bright blue threading detail, and awesome detailed pockets, AND they're baby DKNY. I was like "score! baby's first pair of designer jeans, and only $7.99!"

So he went to school rocking the jeans and a Mr. Potato Head shirt, vintage-style AND his cool new Stride Rite shoes. I almost teared up when I told Nick he was wearing his first zip-up pants. My mother-in-law went to visit him for lunch. He had a great day. It was the first day he actually made it through the school day in the same outfit he started out in. (He's a frequent "explosive diaper" kid at daycare....even though they change him every hour. go figure that one out)

I was so excited that he made it through the whole day in his cool outfit. I gushed and gushed to the daycare ladies about how cute his jeans were, and they were a little long but he had them cuffed which is in style and so preppy looking. Then I looked down at him and noticed his fly was undone. Then I noticed the zipper fabric was red. Upon closer inspection I realized it wasn't red but hot pink. wtf?

The whole way home I was rationalizing this to myself. That really makes me mad they used a bright color on the fly. Then I thought Well that's actually pretty fashion forward detailing. Kind of metro of them to put hot pink on a boy's zipper. Way to not be gender-specific Donna Karen. By the time I got home the denial cloud had dissipated and I realized what had seriously happened.

I bought, and sent my kid to daycare in, girl jeans. The bright blue threading detail? Actually could be called "teal". The straight leg style? Actually a girl "fitted". Damn..... I have a cross-dressing baby. Way to drag him out at only 11 months old. So I'll tuck them away. And hope the next baby is a girl.

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