Sunday, February 21, 2010

Mommy Blues

I've got a bad case of the mommy blues. I've been trying to deny it, but little man is turning one soon and I just might die. I can't imagine that I have a one year old. How did time go by so fast?! (probably all those days hoping he rolls over, cuts his first tooth, crawls were NOT smart) Now I just want to slow down, take our time and enjoy just where we are in this moment. This almost walking, almost talking moment. Awesome, he can babble "Mama" and give a super tight hug where he grabs my hair and pulls me in tight, cheek-to-cheek. Pause. That right there. Lets just stay in this moment forever.

So, about as much I didn't want to buy my first pair of maternity pants, I don't want buy my first pair of 12 month baby pj's. I cried as I opened that trash bag and put my favorite little 6-9 month outfits inside. I know it had to be done, he can't go to school in pants that look okay when he's lying on his changing table, but as soon as he crawls they become "baby capris" (no kidding, that's what the daycare ladies called them!) Also, Daddy doesn't get that I just can't bring myself to put away the precious little socks that he wore home from the hospital. Daddy thinks that these socks are still okay for wearing. **busted, love ya honey!**

Anyways, I took him out for a shopping spree with Grammie. As I strolled him around Macy's I teared up again when I realized this was the Macy's Mom and I came to the day after I found out he was going to be a boy. Not getting to buy girl stuff was hard then. Today, not getting to buy the newborn clothes was hard. Today, the tough realization that 12 month clothes are NOT in the "infant section" was really hard. My little man is just a BA-Beeee, he doesn't need to be shopping with those walking snotting 18 month olds!! Oh, and the price jump when your age can now be measured in years is IN-SANE. 9 month old jeans = $15, 12 month old jeans = $30. And then we stopped by to get his feet sized for shoes. My baby is a size 5!!! A SIZE 5!!! I die. His shoe options included laces for god sakes. What's next, a jock strap?! How did he get so old? I die. But I managed to put him in velcros first...


  1. Hey Hilary--I know what you mean! I cried and cried when Matthew started Kindergarten. Now I'm sad again because it's February and Kindergarten will be over soon. It just goes too damn fast! And Molly--well, she's almost 3 and I'm severely depressed! On the other hand, they are so fun at this age! Mixed blessings, for sure!

  2. Um, seriously, this is exactly how I feel and I still have 4 months. Connor has been in 12 month clothes for a while, so I've adjusted to that, but everything else frightens me. We should start a support group.


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