Wednesday, February 10, 2010

Our little cupid

I can't describe or give words to the crazy insane love I'm feeling for my baby boy. So if you're reading this blog and you've been faithful since prego days, you're used to it and you like the taste of my sappy love vomit. Um, thanks. Don't know if I should hug you or get you some Pepto.
Do other moms look at their babies and think OHMYGOD I LOVE YOU! I silently scream it inside myself every time I look at him. His amazement at the piece of leaf that he has crunched into 5 mm of pure joy is so precious to me. I watch him inspecting his little leaf fleck and I cry.
His snicker really gets me. When he first thinks something is funny he gives this little snicker, then it becomes a little longer, like a slight chuckle, then it eventually turns into a guffaw and you might even get a snort if you've been really funny for him. That baby laugh is straight crack cocaine. Dancing in the kitchen while he's in high chair really sets him off. I love that he finds humor in so many things that I would consider big kid humor. He's always been this way too. He notices a slight raise of the eyebrow and purse of the lips as a smartass funny face. He also loves it when something drops and I react with a jump and squeal. Cracks him UP! He does have appreciation for various genres of dance too: ballet, tapping, clogging, ballroomesque twirling, cheerleading "bring it on" dance, and moonwalk all get good reception from this kid.
I'm so excited to see the ways he will make us laugh as he grows up. I LOVE kids, they crack me up so much, and now that I have a kid who already laughs with me, it amazes me. Who knew babies had a sense of humor? I didn't expect it. But I love it. It makes me love him so much. Little cupid. Gotta log off so I can stare at you sleeping and whisper all my hopes and dreams into your tiny ear.

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  1. Oh my goodness, he is so happy! What a cutie!


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