Saturday, February 20, 2010

Little Man's Winter

Even though our little man is growing up (standing on his own -- no hands! and walking farther and farther with support) I love this pic because it shows just how small he really is. I have to like him being small because in two months, we're hitting 12 months old! Eeek, a year!

So this last month, it has been hard to blog. Cade woke up two weeks ago with 2 upper teeth cut through, RSV, and double ear infections (from the congestion). I enjoyed two days off work getting to be in full mommy mode and taking care of him. Although my heart broke to see him feeling crummy, I did enjoy him just wanting to be held by mommy. And both grandmas and a grandaddy were quick to offer a day off their work to watch him the following week. He had one day back at daycare then we got a snow day and got more mommy time! By that time he felt GREAT and was back to power-crawling through the house exploring every nook and kranny.

I did take him outside for a minute to snag some snow pics. (note I put the sick baby on the blanket, not direct snow...that makes up for not owning baby mittens, right? I mean it's Texas damnit, where do you find baby mittens?) Yes, since then I have realized that socks would have done the trick, whatev.

He tried to catch a snowflake in his mouth, it was pretty cute, I could not keep the kid away from the windows. This was fine seeing as though I was also amazed at the foot of snow that fell! I should have put on shoes the following morning after this pic to capture the beauty of the thick blanket of snow, but I snuggled my man instead.

So this week we went back to daycare only to get kicked out on Friday afternoon for a mild case of the pinkeye. Freaking amazing how that pinkeye just manifests in a matter of hours, but after a trip to the dr they confirmed conjunctivitis AND a cold. Arrgh, so THIS is what they mean by daycare babies getting sick. I'm still hoping this adds up to immune system of steel by the time we're 3. How do I manage to still feel guilty about leaving work? That part sucks, I won't lie. As soon as I'm home I'm obviously happy to be there, but my soul is just torn between my school babies and my baby baby.

Enough of the struggles of the working mom. Okay, actually one more struggle to vent about. Stupid awesome mommies at daycare. I try so hard to be the perf mom and have it together (part my own fear of CPS and part my competitive spirit to be SUPERMOM)....not this week. So one mom found Graco's genius motorized aspirator that plays 12 different tunes. Cade doesn't so much like aspirators, so the 3 seconds it takes to suck 1/4 tsp of snot from each nostril is well worth the $20 power nose sucker. So, the 12 tunes...I can't quite picture other babies getting calm and entranced by the lullabies, cheerful melodies, and nursery rhyme mix and calmly stay still so their mommies can go to town on their noses. The device does have a button so you can scroll thru tunes to find the one that will stop your baby from thrashing like a Gremlin BUT it lacks an "off music" button. wtf, right? I'll experiment more with it, but so far I likey. Very satisfying to see the snot resevoir fill up.

Here's hoping this is the last of his illnesses for his first year of life. The pediatrician has diagnosed him with "Tough Guy" syndrome. Nick and I get so perplexed because he's so laidback and happy despite his symptoms -- so it's hard for us to tell if he needs to go in for a check up, but she assured us some baby boys are just little Tough Guys, they don't let their symptoms get in the way of playing and having a good time. Anyways, gotta go tuck in Tough Guy and give him another kiss. night bloggies.

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  1. Connor is not a "Tough Guy." He's got his first real cold this week and it's been so sad to watch him work through it. He's so sensitive (i.e. he'll cry at the drop of a hat) and Jeff commented today that he doesn't think he's heard him laugh in three days. He's just pitiful. Anyway, I'd take your "Tough Guy" over my sad, sack of baby any day. No matter what though, seeing them sick is so hard. I guess this is one thing Mommies can't make go away.


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