Thursday, March 18, 2010

Luck o' the Irish!

Baby's first St. Patty's Day!!! Being part Irish we had to rock out the green. en *
Thanks Grammie for the cool shirt! Which led to what I thought was a cool conversation in the shoe department at Macy's, shoe guy said "Hey man, cool shirt. Lucky Charms are the best" to which I replied "Yeah, they're magically delicious." And then, damn crickets and tumbleweeds rolled right past us. Awkward. To shoe guy's benefit, I guess there is a limit to Lucky Charms-isms. Anyways....

We did get some Easter pics with the bunnies at Northpark. No fake Easter bunny for this bebe, we're talking live critters. Cade was in the MOST presh outfit, a little royal blue and green plaid romper and sweet little white collared shirt underneath. It was exactly what I dreamt of last year when I rubbed my prego belly and put my name on their mailing list. (Minus the bunnies eating the decorative flowers and the wooden eggs that Cade decided to throw on the set and make boom noises...AND minus the egg that was 1 inch away from giving the bunny a concussion, but whatev, it was good times) It was pretty much what every mom dreams of, a big crowd of people gooing and gahing over your spawn's adorableness. Being a total ego-mama when it comes to compliments on my baby I LOVED it. And Grammie did too, so I'm not the only psycho who gets off on that. Pics to come.

We came home and ate Shepherd's Pie and sang Irish tunes.

Nevermind. I popped in Tyson's chicken, had Tylenol PM and called it a night. Nick watched the Departed and Gangs of New York to celebrate his heritage. Yay for Daddy! Here are pics from the day.

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  1. so glad that you have put new blogs up!!! I love reading them. Did Nick tell you that before he started I was showing the girls up front at work some of the blogs cuz they are so funny. One of them was raving about them to him! LOL.


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