Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sweet little man

Last night Cade spent the night at Grammie & Grandaddy's house, Dada enjoyed man time, and I went out with my BFF in Uptown and had a sleepover. I was sad to leave Cade for like a minute, then I hightailed it down for dinner at Mi Cocina (we spotted a reality tv VH1 star!) and some patio time on McKinney Ave. I did have bouts of insane missing him, to which I whipped out my cell and flipped through 187 pics of him. It was nice to sleep in a little and then pick him up after breakfast and just before his morning nap. Genius timing!

Our first nap was coordinated mommy-baby effort on the couch for 1.5 hr. Score! Second nap after lunch was 2 hours of pure bliss, cuddled up in our Lambie blanket. I awoke when the sleeping angel on my chest lifted his head, eyes still closed and sweet grin on his face and then he clapped his hands three times and then nuzzled back down into my neck. I died. It was officially the sweetest thing I've every witnessed in my life.

When we both woke up for good the second time he lifted his head, smiled and laughed and then sat straight up and clapped his hands. He slid off the couch and went straight for the toy bin, looking at me and waving, so I joined him for some floortime playtime. I've been working on teaching him "hug" and we played hug the duckie. He would hug his Easter duck, then give it to me for me to hug, then he would reach for it and he would give it a hug. This went on for a good 3 minutes of hug-switch-hug-switch.

Another favorite game is peekaboo. He will be in his playpen or standing in a doorway and peek his head up for us and then duck down or away again. He cracks up and cracks up. It's so funny. He also loves to hold up a blankie or toy and peekaboo around that too. A man in a restaurant the other morning played peekaboo around his newspaper with Cade and he giggled so much the 3 tables around us could not stop laughing too.

It makes me so proud that Cade is such a happy boy and can make people smile. The wonder of the baby man never ceases to amaze me, from the time he was a little alien creature in my belly to now.

Night bloggies, I'd better finish this wine and popcorn before he wakes up like a madman since I just jinxed the hell outta his good moods:)

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