Monday, March 15, 2010

Dallas Blooms 2010

Could there be a more favorite activity I do with Cade than go to the Arboreteum?! I adore seeing him explore the flowers and taking pictures of him. It was the most relaxing day to stroll around with my baby in his little red wagon. My words aren't enough today, I'll let the pics do the talking.

Okay, would it be a blog if I didn't vent?
1. It was 50-60 degrees today. I saw maybe 50 1-3 year olds in sundresses, shorts, and sandals. Um wtf, Texans?? I'm going to have to mention that you might want to save SOMETHING for the 100+ temps later this summer, and I'm going to recommend you go to the dr for ear infection/cold that you just gave your baby because you wanted sexy warm clothing Easter pics.
2. Hey, little 4 year old twerp. You know how you asked my 11 month old if you could have his green egg? He can't talk, that doesn't mean your answer is yes. AND no, giving him the piece of bark (or dried poop) is NOT an acceptable consolation prize. I'm telling Santa.
3. Yes, I'm going to have to take 20 shots of each pose of my baby. He moves a lot and I like pictures. Get over it.
Spring Break Day #1 = success! Posted by Picasa

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