Friday, April 10, 2009

Sweet Baby Cade has arrived!

We have a son!!! Cade Andrew Lamb was born Tuesday, April 7th, 2009 at 8:30pm.  Tuesday morning we woke up early, drove to Presby and checked in to have a baby.  Dr. T induced me at 8:45am and I labored with contractions until about 2:30 when I got the epidural from the BEST anethesiologist in the world.  I thought I'd be freaked out, but she was so calm and cool and Nick was right there supporting me.  It took effect exactly by the 3rd contraction I felt after that, just like she said.  I couldn't feel my legs or anything from about my rib area down.  I had been dilated 2cm almost all day then all of the sudden I was at 9cm and then 10cm.   At around 6:30pm I was ready to push.  

The epidural made me so relaxed I was like "Will I feel pushing? Will this even hurt?"  hahaha, as IF I would be the first woman in the world not to feel the pain.  Through most of the pushing it felt just like pressure.  I thought I'd be done and it would just feel like a really tough workout.  Painful, but tolerable.   What felt like another hour and a half (but Nick told me was really only 15 minutes) I was working so hard trying to push when I couldn't feel anything and curling my body into a C.   My favorite parts were when the nurse told me to push harder.  Um hello, remember the epidural?  I have absolutely no control of my right leg, can't tell if I'm having a contraction or passing gas and you're telling me to pretty much wrap my legs around my head and push harder?!   

I started to panic that I wouldn't be able to get Cade out.  Nick kept telling me how I was doing such a good job.  At some point I told him to stop saying that because "Clearly I suck, he's not here yet!"  I begged anyone in the room to just pull out the baby for me.  They offered to use the vacuum (what I was originally SO opposed to) but I just wanted to see Cade so bad that I told them "Whatever will get him here!"  All of the sudden the dr and nurses suited up into super sterile gear.  I thought it was just vacuum gear, things started going really quickly and they were like "You're awesome! Yes, push like that!" I've never had a room full of people yelling and cheering so loudly for me. I was pushing and pushing with no breaks, just got on a high and then they said "His head is out, slow down, push less".   Um, wtf? Push less? I just got the hang of it, whattt?!!  Within seconds Cade was born and Nick was crying saying "You did it!" and all of the nurses were saying "Congratulations! Meet your son"  From that minute on my world was different.  

I just kept saying "I can't believe it, I can't believe it, I can't believe it! He's so beautiful, Nick look at him, I can't believe it. It's our baby!"  Nothing on earth could have prepared me for those feelings.  They cleaned him up and put him on my chest and we held him and kissed him.  As they were cleaning him up on the warmer I couldn't stop talking to him.  He looked right at me the whole time and one nurse said "He knows your voice".  It was miraculous.  Nick and I got our badges of honor, our hospital identification bracelets that match Cade's.  

The nurse let us have skin to skin contact and I was able to nurse Cade right away.  It was just like my dreams about him while I was pregnant.  It was the best feeling in the world and Cade fed right away like he knew just what to do.  We were made to fit together, he in my arms and his head just right there for me to kiss and Nick's arms just right around us.  

About an hour later our parents were allowed to come in the room and as soon as my mom came in and hugged me we both just sobbed and sobbed.  Nick's mom came in right behind her and we also just sobbed together.  Seeing our parents each get to hold Cade was so incredible, we are a blessed family.  This kid has no idea how loved he is and how amazing he is.  As my Uncle Todd says, he is heartbreakingly adorable.  We're in love!

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