Sunday, April 19, 2009

the nights of chuckie...

Of the eight nights we've had Cade at home, we've heard some very interesting sounds over the baby monitor. Sometimes we're not sure if what we're hearing is a fart or a cry, other times we giggle at the little baby hiccups. Last night at 2am we were awaken by a noise so disturbing we both clung to each other in terror.

Out of nowhere comes creepy merry-go-round-esque music and a little voice that said "Come play with me!" As I awoke with a pounding heart I open my eyes and I swear the whites of Nick's eyes could have lit up the room. I don't know which one of us whispered shakily, "What IS that?!" It was one of those moments when your first instinct is "I hope the baby is okay" quickly followed by instinct #2 which is "Honey, YOU go check that out!"

This has happened 2 other nights, so luckily we'd already ruled out that no, Chuckie himself has not been haunting our home. Instead, it's this precious little toy Nick's boss got us, the Sing & Learn Puppy. It's so strange, the first time this happened I was holding Cade in the kitchen in the middle of the night and heard it over the monitor from the living room. Nick and I both were like "Did you hear that? Where the hell did that come from?" I reassured myself that maybe it was our monitor picking up a neighbor's house.

The second time this happened Nick and I both jumped out of bed and ran to Cade's room, it was coming from the closet and we could see these red blinking lights. "F-ing puppy!" I haven't quite figured out why the damn toy only speaks between 1:00am and 3:00am. It was on the floor so I figured maybe the dog sniffed it out or it was set off by heavy footsteps. (Again for someone who just dropped 20 lbs, I don't know why this is just now happening) So puppy went up on the shelf.

When we heard "Come play with me! It's fun to learn!" last night I grabbed the toy, took it to the kitchen. Nick punched the toy. I (the smarter one) got out some scissors and tore into the box to get out the puppy. I couldn't free it fast enough to find the battery pack or off switch, whatever would end the creepyness.

Now we can rest easy with normal new parent worries...Is he breathing? Did he fall out of the crib? Was that noise a cry or a fart? Where can I get magic pills so husbands can breast-feed?

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