Thursday, April 23, 2009

Izzy love

Cade and Izzy love each other. He will watch her and she will
watch him. If she hears him make a loud cry over the monitor she will look to me and then jump out of bed to go check on him. She's a very good big sister. After Cade and I get home she comes over to say hi to him as I get him out of the infant carrier. Then I have to carry Cade to the couch so Izzy can sniff him and give him a kiss. It's really sweet! And to all of you who said we'd neglect our dog after the baby came, not so my friends! We love Izzer more than ever and she's been so good to the baby.

When I was pregnant I told Nick that I couldn't imagine loving the baby as much as I love our dog. I know it's controversial, but I love them both equally! I'm sure that will change as soon as Cade can talk and say "Mommy"...but then it will change again once he gets older and starts talking back. All's fair in love 7 war, right? I am amazed at how fun he is and how expressive he is already. Just check out these emotions and tell me if they aren't appropriate for the situation, what are the chances it's all just gas? No way.

Check out the love!

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