Monday, December 29, 2008

sick of it.

I'm totally pissed today. I need the world to be rid of pregnancy liars, rumors, and other helpful advice on how not to jack up my unborn child. I have lost sleep for the last two weeks thanks to the people who have told me to beware the dangers of sleeping on your back and the only "correct" way to sleep whilst with child is on your left side. Well guess what? My dr and I call bullshit on you.

My revelation happened as I held back tears, fought off a hot flash from nerves, and asked my dr why it's bad to sleep on my back and just what specific degree angle I must stack my pillows to achieve a safe sleep angle. He assured me that as long as I feel comfortable, I will not be cutting off the supply of oxygen to my baby's forming brain and vital organs. Nor will I be flattening my uterus and suffocating my baby. Turns out God and Mother Nature built the human body with reflexes that will signal to my brain should I ever be in a position that should I dare stay in it for an extended period of time might in rare instances harm my baby. These reflexes are discomfort, nausea, feeling hot, and the need to move around. I think I will trust our Creator and no longer believe "helpful" warnings from friends, strangers, and Dr Google.

Moral of the story, pregnancy liars need to back up off it. What are you going to say to me if my child is less than perfect? You seriously going to tell a mother whose child is not the picture of perfect health and development "I told you so"? What environmental factors (besides heroin, crack, snorting paint, etc) are you going to pinpoint as the cause of whatever could possibly be THE cause of whatever could go wrong? I don't think I can really believe that eating a cold turkey sandwich once every one or two weeks, getting highlights once during pregnancy, or sleeping at a 180 degree angle is going to be THE thing that screws up nature's plan. There's a degree of risk in everything we do and don't do. My dr says that I can't live in a bubble. It would be impossible to do everything perfectly, and as one of the biggest perfectionists out there, it's hard enough to be pregnant without constantly judging myself.

I do take being pregnant seriously and have changed my lifestyle to be healthier. I'm not perfect, but overall I'm having fun being pregnant. So MY helpful advice is to be encouraging of pregnant women and not pass along your horrific pregnancy rumors that can literally scare a pregnant woman into lack of sleep, lack of food, and lack of sanity. For reals, the horomones do a good enough job of making us crazy. Let the prego in your life enjoy this time and focus on 40 weeks of high hopes and happiness and excitement.

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  1. I LOVE this entry!! I too have been awake many nights after I wake up on my back or stomach, and think I'm hurting my baby! Hilarious! Thanks for the laugh! :) are ADORABLE as a pregger chic!


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