Friday, December 26, 2008

Santa baby!

*sap alert, I can't help it, I need to gush....*

Christmas was so awesome this year. Since Nick & I have been married we have had the most fun Christmases ever. We start the day at his parents' house (eat & open presents), head over to my parents' house (eat & open presents), and come back home (eat & open presents). It's the best day ev-er, especially when you factor in our baby excitement that doubled with it being a holiday. There's no room for anxiety, fear, or complaints on feeling like a fat awkward pregnant cow. Not yesterday. Yesterday I fell even more head over heels for Nick.

He had wrapped up baby gifts for me to open at each house. First he bought Cade a little Aggie warm-up suit, size 2T. It's so awesome, he's going to be the most pimp little Aggie fan! Here I was expecting to see the dreaded camoflauge Husker onesie, and I get the cutest Aggie outfit! He got him a baseball mitt, ball, Aggie onesie, Aggie newborn knit cap, 2 bibs and Aggie football. Our kid is so going to be brainwashed, it's starting in utero! I got Cade a baby memory book (I can't WAIT to start filling it out!), crib bedding, a litttle newborn cap with little lambies on it, and the cutest little star baby pj's with footies. Yeah.... he's a spoiled brat and he's only a 26 week old fetus! What are we?!!

Anyways, to see Nick open the baby presents and to just keep hugging and kissing each other and being so excited for next Christmas was so special. This kid is so loved already! When he's mad at me when he's older, he needs to read this and realize how we loved him even before day 1. Nick is at his parents' house right now showing off the star pj's he liked them so much. (I never thought I'd see my man be so sweet!) Imagine when Cade takes his first steps or says his first word how excited we'll be. Life is totally changing for us and I'm so excited that I get to relive childhood with our boy. I'm off to think about other things (until I get a kick:) Gush fest has to end sometime... even I have my limits.

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