Tuesday, December 2, 2008


Wow, I thought a big sneeze was dangerous when you're driving on the highway (it still is, but stay with me here).... when you're pregnant you feel like your baby will fly out your belly button when you sneeze big. it just happened tonight. i literally had to lift up my shirt to check out the belly.

Random rants:
1. Yes, I'm pregnant. No, I don't think I'm literally getting bigger EACH day. I'm running out of sweet pregnant lady comments when someone says "Aw, you're bigger!" Just saying thanks seems a little, uh vain. Like "thanks, me cook good baby". The other 27 years of my life getting bigger has not been a compliment or situation people commented on, so I'm un-equipped to respond to this.

2. Sometimes at work I want to walk the hall and rub my belly and talk to Cade. Is that strange? I know there's video cameras, but I still feel compelled. I will be mortified if someone ever catches me doing this.

3. My chiropractor taught me an accupressure point to sleep better. Now if only my husband would get home so I can have him press 1 inch from the web between my big toe and second toe. Hopefully this works better than Tylenol PM (rip off), and is less habit forming than NyQuil (if NyQuil was a sexy man, I'd be having an affair).

4. Corn dogs. Dangerous or no, I love you. Your honey batter. The fact that you come on a stick and I can repeatedly dunk you in ketchup. Mmmm.

5. Raw cookie dough and batter. It's NOT FAIR that one has to be pregnant and avoid these due to raw eggs. NOT FAIR. I still have one lick because I have absolutely no resistance or self control whatsoever. Never ever touched or wanted to try drugs/marijuana/X/Heroin/crack/meth, but have no restraint when it comes to the temptation of cookie dough.

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