Friday, December 19, 2008


I've SO been sleeping awesome lately. I'm contemplating falling in love with acupucture, I swear it saved me from insomnia. Who knew my ticket to sleep heaven was spending 20 minutes with one needle in the top of each foot?

So with all this deep sleeping I thought life was GREAT. That was until 1:45am when I awoke with a nagging pain that rapidly turned into the charley horse from hell. I imagine the pain I felt was akin to getting stabbed in the calf with a butcher knife. I know, childbirth will be worse. Thanks. But I plan on getting an epidural for that. No class, now's not the time to tell me that epidurals don't always work.

I try not to be a total wimp with my pain, but when the knife stabbing sensation was joined by the fire and paralyzing sensations I decided to start moaning "ow, ow, ow, OW OUCH!". Nick wakes up in a panic, throws on the light and shouts "Is the baby coming?!" I'm panting and holding my right leg straight in the air practically touching my nose like an f'ing Rockette and I manage to scream "calf!" Somebody must have been having one hell of a dream because he was like, "Baby cow?? Oh, CALF!" And massaged the hell out of my leg and flexed my foot for me until I was saved from the devil's grasp.

I've never loved someone so much in my life. Also never wondered how strange his reactions were, but thankful nonetheless for the speed in which he progressed from utter panic to confusion to massage master.

I'm assured this won't be the last of the charley horse during the pregnancy. On another note I've learned from Dr. Google that at 25 weeks the baby is growing hair and could you be in my uterus you could tell what color it is. Pretty sweet, huh? Anyone know Mrs. Frizzle and want to check that out for me? (btw, thanks to the teacher friends who get the reference)

The charley horse wins top spot as #1 evil of pregnancy. #2 evil would be surviving elementary school "winter" parties knowing that you won't be rewarded with an ice cold beer or shots of whatev at the annual end of semester happy hour. Instead you gotta cozy up to an ice cold glass of Carnation Instant Breakfast.

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